‘Against the Run of Play: How an incumbent president was defeated in Nigeria’ (e-book Download)

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The importance of ‘Against the Run of Play’ is that it offers a narrative
explanation of the defeat of President Jonathan from the perspective of a

It offers the reader an unusual insight into the major human and
institutional factors that led up to this defeat as well as the key persona who
facilitated it.

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Equally important is the author’s detailed recall of the major
political developments that made the outcome inevitable, while shaping the
very expectations that brought President Buhari to power.

Adeniyi enhances the credibility of his narrative through an extensive set of interviews with living key players in the drama he relates. The hindsight of these key players throws
the events into bolder relief and illuminates the road ahead.
In this important book, the narrative is arresting in its fluidity.

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Political intrigue begins to read like ‘whodunit’ while political actors behave like
characters from pulp fiction gangster chronicles. Politicians act mostly out of
self-interest and narrow short-term calculations rather than far-sighted national

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Hardly any of the major players in the drama of intrigues in this book
display any serious commitment to national ideals or even a pan-Nigerian
vision. Nor do we encounter a single individual politician whose stake in the
power struggles is fired by any ideological convictions on how best to develop

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