Oxford Handbook Of Accident & Emergency Medicine 2nd Edition – Download for FREE!

This popular Handbook provides practical, accessible guidelines on a huge range of situations that present to the A & E department, and is the essential guide for junior doctors (including candidates for examinations in Accident and Emergency Medicine), specialist nurses, paramedics, and general practitioners.

Oxford Handbook Of Accident and Emergency Medicine (2nd Edition)

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The text is deliberately precise and prescriptive. It gives up-to-date step-by step advice on presentation, investigation, diagnosis, emergency treatment and further referral for adult and pediatric patients, important practical procedures are covered in stepwise, easy-to-follow format with line diagrams illustrating anatomical landmarks.

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A Handbook of Statistical Analysis Using SPSS – Download for FREE!

A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SPSS clearly describes how to conduct a range of univariate and multivariate statistical analyses using the latest version of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, SPSS 11.

A Handbook of Statistical Analysis Using SPSS

Each chapter addresses a different type of analytical procedure applied to one or more data sets, primarily from the social and behavioral sciences areas.

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Each chapter also contains exercises relating to the data sets introduced, providing readers with a means to develop both their SPSS and statistical skills. Model answers to the exercises are also provided.

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Readers can download all of the data sets from a companion Web site furnished by the authors.

Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh – Green, Samuel B (Download for FREE!)

The development of easy-to-use statistical software like SPSS has changed the way statistics is being taught and learned.


Even with these advancements, however, students sometimes still find statistics a tough nut to crack.

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Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh, 7/e, guides students through basic SPSS techniques using step-by-step descriptions and explaining in detail how to avoid common pitfalls in the study of statistics.

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Discovering Statistics Using SPSS by Andy Field (3rd Edition) – Download for FREE!

‘In this brilliant new edition Andy Field has introduced important new introductory material on statistics that the student will need and was missing at least in the first edition. This book is the best blend that I know of a textbook in statistics and a manual on SPSS.

Discovering Statistics Using SPSS by Andy Field (3rd Edition)

It is a balanced composite of both topics, using SPSS to illustrate important statistical material and, through graphics, to make visible important approaches to data analysis. There are many places in the book where I had to laugh, and that’s saying a lot for a book on statistics. His excellent style engages the reader and makes reading about statistics fun’ – David C Howell, Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont USA

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This award-winning text, now fully updated with SPSS Statistics, is the only book on statistics that you will need!

Fully revised and restructured, this new edition is even more accessible as it now takes students through from introductory to advanced level concepts, all the while grounding knowledge through the use of SPSS Statistics. Andy Field’s humorous and self-deprecating style and the book’s host of characters make the journey entertaining as well as educational.

While still providing a very comprehensive collection of statistical methods, tests and procedures, and packed with examples and self-assessment tests to reinforce knowledge, the new edition now also offers:

– a more gentle introduction to basic-level concepts and methods for beginners

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– new textbook features to make the book more user-friendly for those learning about more advanced concepts, encouraging ‘critical thinking’

– a brand new, full-colour design, making it easy for students to navigate between topics, and to understand how to use the latest version of SPSS Statistics

– both ‘real world’ (the bizarre and the wonderful) and invented examples illustrate the concepts and make the techniques come alive for students

– an additional chapter on multilevel modelling for advanced-level students

– reinforced binding to make the book easier to handle at a computer workstation.

The book also includes access to a brand new and improved companion Website, bursting with features including:

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– animated ‘SPSS walk-through’ videos clearly demonstrating how to use the latest SPSS Statistics modules

– self-marking multiple choice questions

– data sets for psychology, business and management and health sciences

– a flash-card glossary for testing knowledge of key concepts

– access to support material from SAGE study skills books.

Statistics lecturers are also provided with a whole range of resources and teaching aids, including:

– the test bank – over 300 multiple-choice questions ready to upload to WebCT, Blackboard or other virtual learning environments

– charts and diagrams in electronic format for inclusion in lecture slides

– PowerPoint slides written by the author to accompany chapters of the text.